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How To Ace Your Next Job Interview

Over the many years that I have been an executive coach I have found it interesting that for the majority of my clients, the job interview is still one of the most challenging experiences to master. For some, it is like a student who after studying for an exam, suddenly goes blank when the test […]

You have 30 seconds . . . WOW ME!

Rarely will someone you are meeting for the first time come right out and say “tell me why I should listen to you.”  It would be rude. However, that is what most people are thinking . . . at least subconsciously.  In other words, we are all to varying degrees bombarded with ideas and images […]

Until You See the Color Of Their Eyes – Tips On Making A Memorable Impression With A Handshake

Operating within the virtual realms it can be easy to forget that we do in fact interact in a very real world where meeting someone in person is by far the most effective means of establishing the enduring rapport that is essential to business success. The starting point for such a relationship almost always begins […]