#MeToo: Beyond Legalities And Sexual Harassment

As a consultant who has been working very closely with business clients over a career span of four generations, I can safely say that I have never witnessed a more pronounced movement than #MeToo. Like the majority of us, it has caused me to reflect and consider my feelings and words at this time. I […]

Top Ten Trending Conversational Openers To Sound Hip and Compelling At Your Next Holiday Party

Good conversation acts as a framework for any successful appearance at an office party. It projects your personality, shows your sincerity, adaptability and sense of humor. It may not be intellectual, but small talk sends important signals about you. You’re approachable. You like people. You are a pleasure to work with.   Keep current on […]

How Women Can Learn To Love Office Politics

Over the years, there have been countless articles and studies on how women can overcome their distaste for office politics to ascend to the pinnacle of career success. Just the terminology “corporate politics” brings immediate disdain and anxiety. While the coaching tips and recommendations, for the most part, make sense, the one persistent obstacle to […]

4 Critical Questions To Ask To Overcome Your Reputation Blind Spot

At a recent seminar in Arizona with 25 top female executives, I asked the question: What is your reputation with others? More succinctly, how do they see YOU? Despite being a simple enough question, many did not have an answer. Not having an answer is in no way a reflection of any shortcoming on the […]

The Seven Signs That You Are On The Outs With Your Boss

There are many reasons why your relationship with your boss can become strained, and sometimes without even knowing that it has. For example, your boss may not be the best at communicating their expectations with you or, they may be too light-handed in providing you with needed direction or correction. As a result, you may, […]

3 Things That Only People Who Have Been Fired Will Understand

It happened to Malcolm Gladwell within two months of being hired for the first time. It happened to Billy Martin five times spanning many years. Oprah Winfrey was fired and told that she was “unfit for television news.” While you can check out the following Business Insider article to see just how “non–exclusive” the fraternity […]