Are you looking for group or team training that is laser-focused on making your company’s future bigger than its present?

Live Webinars with Roz Usheroff

Roz offers a series of webinars where she takes information offered in her workshops and condenses it into a laser-focused format – to meet the current requests for virtual learning experiences.

All webinars are customized to meet your team’s unique requirements.

Below is a list of webinar topics with detailed descriptions of what you can expect when you choose to do any one or all of these live webinar learning experiences.

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CFO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?”

CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

As a senior executive leader, your job just got harder.

In these times of economic uncertainty, your team is looking to YOU for certainty, direction, and psychological safety. Whether your organization is in high-growth mode, panic mode, or anywhere in between, there is a psychological toll on your people. If you don’t project confidence with your presence, your words, and your actions, their thoughts turn to “me” instead of “team”. Here are the warning signs:

  • Something feels “off” with your people, but you can’t put your finger on why
  • You’re seeing a drop in your team’s morale, commitment, and trust
  • You have several team members already showing signs of “Quiet Quitting”
  • You’re noticing an increase in gossip, gab, and the grapevine
  • Key team members are stressed out, maxed out, and burned out
  • You want to reboot your team’s innovation, productivity, and profitability

As a leader, what are you doing to position your people to thrive and achieve through these changing times? In this 60-minute executive briefing, Roz Usheroff will give you the strategies, tactics and tools to lead more effectively. If these challenges sound all too familiar, attend this session.

Managing Interactions and Shaping Outcomes

The complexity of influencing virtually needs to be addressed immediately when face to face interaction is absent. This will require skillsets that not only address innovative influencing techniques but a deeper understanding of what prompts others to say “yes” to suggestions on a virtual platform. Participants will learn how to move deeper into the actual process of influencing—by being introduced to research conducted by Wharton Business School for identifying the five styles of decision makers and how to frame a compelling argument for achieving mutually desirable outcomes.


– Frame crucial conversations for consensus
– Identify differences between influence and persuasion for driving results
– Avoid the hidden pitfalls that sabotage the ability to inspire others

Unlocking Opportunities to Building Relationships

Your Network is your net worth! Not only does networking help you in your career, it expands your sphere of influence through creating meaningful relationships (internally and customer engagements). It helps you to attract sponsorship and gain greater visibility. Participants will learn how to classify their relationships by importance, significance to their success and the value they bring to their business partners. They’ll understand how to capitalize on their relationships and maintain them. Last, participants will learn practical tips on how to make the right impressions at social/business events with comfort and confidence.


– Identify key people for impacting career growth – champions, mentors and sponsors
– Move from networking to netgiving for enriching relationships
– Apply advanced networking netiquette techniques

A Dynamic Framework for Women Who Dream, Lead and Rise

It’s not true that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. We are all from Planet Earth. However, women often do not approach career strategies in the same way. In this 90-minute session, we will debunk some popular myths, learn ways to go against your inner “critic” voice to create career defining moments. This workshop is about honoring authenticity while the women create their own playbook for success. Participants will learn how to become their best PR agent and take control of managing their reputation. They’ll gain insights into new tools and capabilities along with prioritized concrete action steps. They’ll understand how to take greater initiative to be heard, seen and empowered.


– Approach opportunities to “toot your own horn” with comfort and poise
– Apply strategies to become women of influence, power and confidence
– Identify common career strategy myths and traps that hold women back

Captivating Your Remote Audience

Whether you are leading or attending an online meeting, there are no dress rehearsals once the camera is on. You are being judged by more than just your words. Most people form impressions of you within seven seconds. The importance of developing a personal connection with a virtual audience is critical in an environment that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to that. This workshop is designed to help the participants learn how to combine the right energy with the right body language and the right words to project a professional presence and deliver an impactful message. They will receive hands-on coaching to elevate their virtual impact.


– Master impressions that showcase personal leadership
– Optimize your virtual tools to be camera ready
– Capitalize on strategies for deeper audience involvement

Invest in your people – give them the tools to develop the kind of presence that opens the door to success.