Henry Ford said, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

Your Organization is Only as Good as Its People

To succeed in today’s ultra-competitive and dynamic work environment, executives, managers and professionals must master the art of communication, presence and personal leadership. Providing opportunities for growth and development will retain top performers and attract the best in their field.

The secret sauce to success…

Roz Usheroff offers a series of high impact development workshops to help your organization stand out. Once she understands your needs, challenges, and desired outcomes, Roz and her team of experts create tailored training that deliver long-term benefits for your organization from entry level employees to high potentials to senior leadership.

Below is a list of workshop topics with detailed descriptions of what you can expect when you have Roz and her team deliver a workshop to your organization.

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What is The Essential Executive Presence Series?

The Essential Executive Presence Series presents a comprehensive guide for enhancing skills in self-management, self-development, and self-empowerment. It’s an integrated approach for your team members to understand their unique talents and to embrace their leadership capabilities that lead to both personal and corporate profitability.

Track One: Executive Presence

Managing Executive Presence: Participants explore proven strategies to cultivate an impactful presence. They will acquire new insights into both recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities to emulate executive presence qualities that broaden their personal power and charisma. They’ll gain the skills needed to build an engaging brand narrative. Participants will learn how to combine the right energy with the right body language and the right words to project a professional presence and deliver an impactful message.

Creating Virtual Rapport: Success depends on the ability to relate to others through empathy, sincerity, and partnership.  Building enriching relationships remotely is achieved by interacting in a way that encourages others to be open and receptive. This workshop is designed to provide the participants with strategies for showcasing social intelligence, as well as the ability to engage and converse in a multi-cultural working environment. By improving communication and rapport, the participants will build trust and deeper collaboration with business partners.

High Impact Networking: Developing relationships and creating connections that matter is critical for career and customer success. Networking is both an art and a science that requires intention, patience, understanding, and strategies designed to make them grow. Investing in cultivating a vibrant network equals currency in positioning with customer and internal sponsorship. This workshop will deliver strategies and tips to lead your team members to create vibrant, sustainable networks for greater impact and opportunity.

Resilient Wellbeing: Stress is real and the primary catalyst behind burnout. We are all being challenged personally and professionally beyond our comfort zones. This thought-provoking workshop will raise awareness and equip your people with actionable tools and strategies to transform personal pressures into opportunities. (Diamonds are, after all, born from pressure!) Your people will become more adaptive and energized to embrace positivity. Providing your team with resilient techniques will empower them to perform at their optimal levels.

Key Benefits:

  • Orchestrate a professional and consistent executive presence
  • Apply transformative methods for greater engagement, partnership, and trust
  • Hone networking and communications strategies that drive initiatives and revenue
  • Learn techniques for building mental resilience and wellbeing

Track Two: Leading with Influence

Expanding Your Influence: This training will lead your team members to expand their sphere of influence by learning how to frame their ideas to build collaboration and consensus. This requires skillsets that not only address innovative persuading techniques, but a deeper understanding of what prompts others to say “yes” to ideas. This training will explore the psychological triggers and how this knowledge leads to mutually desirable results. They’ll learn the hidden pitfalls that sabotage consensus.

Connecting vs Communicating: The complexity of moving from communicating to connecting requires a level of situational intelligence that will help your team members sharpen essential human relations skills.  This workshop will focus on best practices for creating meaningful conversations with context.  It addresses real-life challenges, unforeseen interactions, and navigating the political landscape. Your team members will learn the conversational pathways for navigating difficult conversations with empathy,

The Art of Persuasive Storytelling: The ability to construct and share a relatable story is critical to engagement, persuasion, and influence. This training focuses on crafting inspiring stories that spark commitment and passion to ideas through communicating, educating, and motivating. Your team members will learn how to transform ordinary data and facts into captivating stories. They’ll understand how to make their content personal, ignite understanding through word pictures and metaphors, and leverage the moral of the story to drive action.

Win-Win Negotiations: This workshop is designed to teach proven approaches and strategies to give the team a critical edge. The training will equip participants to master the essentials of negotiation and proven tactics. Prior to the program, participants will complete an assessment tool that reveals their natural approach to negotiation. The content will raise the participant’s level of self-awareness and position them to be a powerful presence at the negotiation table.

Key Benefits

  • Explore the psychology behind the laws of persuasion – emotion vs. logic
  • Adopt a more listener-focused and personal style of communicating based on empathy
  • Learn the fundamental skills for inspiring a shared vision through the art of storytelling
  • Identify attributes of what it takes to be seen as a dynamic negotiator

Track Three: PRINT® Survey

The PRINT® Survey is a tool that uncovers an individual’s core motivations, which operate on an unconscious level. PRINT® focuses on WHY, not only WHAT. It uncovers a deeper level of self-examination by exposing the root causes that block talents and strengths from shining.  This results in positive behavior being reinforced and negative behavior being changed for the better.  It then builds mastery in leveraging these motivations in changing environments to achieve greater collaboration, productivity, and team performance.

What Makes the PRINT® Different

The most prominent feature of the PRINT® is that it leapfrogs conventional wisdom that is limited by describing people’s behaviors, preferences, and types. Although this information is interesting, it lacks the depth of understanding required for permanent and sustainable development and improvement.

The Power of the PRINT® Survey: This workshop provides deeper self-awareness, setting the stage for personal adaptability and accountability. It delivers encouragement and motivation to adopt a change-ready mindset. Your people will be energized and realize better outcomes as they interact with all types of business partners. This will set the foundation to not only understand and appreciate others’ needs, motivations, capabilities, and perspectives, but also to know exactly what must happen for professional success and wellbeing.

Empowering Team Inclusion and Sustaining the PRINT® Long Term: Creating an inclusive organization requires communication founded upon humility, vulnerability, and trust. During this interactive workshop, your team will explore strategies for creating psychological safety, promoting openness, and engaging in courageous conversations with candor. They’ll examine the differences between empathy and compassion and how to select best practices for open communication.  Using the foundation of the PRINT® Survey, your people will discuss how they can build ownership and commitment for operating as “One Team”.

Key Benefits

  • Apply transformative methods to making positive behaviors habitual
  • Foster employee engagement by sharing purpose, goals, and values
  • Lay the foundation for both individual and mutual accountability
  • Create psychological safety where team members feel a sense of belonging
  • Design collaborative strategies to maximize constructive conflict

Prework Assessment: Each participant will be required to complete the PRINT® Survey Assessment online.