Executive Coaching

“Become your best PR Agent. If not, you give your power away and instead others will define you.” – Roz Usheroff

Your future is your property.

You can choose to make it whatever you want. The possibilities are endless.

But…make sure that your future is always bigger than your past.

Danger arises when you believe your choices are left to fate. Or you give control to your boss or others to determine your direction. Or you allow success to seduce you into believing that you don’t have to continuously grow.

Now is the time to think about what your future looks like.

What do you need right now to create opportunities for your career path? For your organization? For your biggest future?

It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone and self-reflect. Most people avoid this work because changing the way we do things feels unnatural and uncomfortable.

But if you’re trying to:

  • build and differentiate your personal brand
  • advance in your career with purpose, presence and significance
  • influence leadership, customers, and stakeholders

then you must do the work.

Sometimes we become our own worst enemy by holding ourselves back from going after what we want.

We can be blinded to our own shortcomings. We don’t always see them or fully realize how they are impacting our career or people around us.

And sometimes, even when we know these are areas of opportunity for elevating our performance, we have no idea how to overcome them.

You need someone in your corner who is willing to be completely candid so you learn how to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, and show you exactly what you need to do so you can take your career to a new level of success.

If you are:

  • on fire with advancing your career
  • open to hearing the good and the ugly
  • and are willing to commit to the process of transforming yourself (with authenticity) to get to where you want to go

then you are ready for one-on-one executive coaching.

“My passion and drive come as a result of making others successful. My mission is to empower my clients to stand up, stand out, and project authority, while being true to their authentic selves.”

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“I look back on my year working with Roz with gratitude. Besides learning how to bring my best self to every situation, I learned that things happen for a reason and sometimes I can’t be in control (like when I get a new boss or am re-orged), but I can always control how I handle my response and how that, in turn, affects my personal brand. It was a journey worth taking.”
– Testimonial from Dawn Colossi

Coaching is ideal for emerging leaders, managers, customer-facing staff and virtually anyone in an organization who would like to increase their engagement, personal impact, influence, confidence and self-awareness.

Because of the demands of your time, Roz will customize a coaching program to accommodate your availability. She is committed to deliver a level of service, discretion and expertise specific to your individual needs.

Our methodology focuses on comprehensive assessment tools, actionable feedback, clear outcomes, tailored guidance and accountability. Intensive interviews and 360-degree feedback sessions allow for review of progress and effectiveness of each coaching relationship.