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Working With Roz

Driving Higher-Level Relationships with Executive Presence in a Global Marketplace | Empowering Teams to Communicate with Confidence, Build Trust, Collaborate More Effectively, and Accelerate Performance

But sometimes you just need an expert to help your team reveal their superpowers.

Roz can help your people iscover and understand their unique talents and embrace their leadership capabilities that lead to both personal and corporate profitability.

You can work with Roz in three ways


The Roz Usheroff Podcast

Inspiring lessons for successful professionals.
Strategies for your personal brand.

Amplify your leadership. Focus your team. Maximize your potential.

Our live, interactive webinars showcase proven methods for optimizing customer engagement.

It’s time for you to be your own best PR Manager.

Leadership, Image, and Personal Brand Expert Roz Usheroff will show you how to advance your career while remaining true to your authentic self.

Roz will teach you powerhouse strategies to capitalize on your unique abilities and stand out from the crowd.