May 7, 2020

Three Strategies for Standing Out in the Age of COVID-19

How are you managing your personal brand playbook?

As we navigate the new normal for ourselves, your attitude, your behavior and your self-talk will have a direct and lasting effect on your career.

To meet the challenges of navigating the new normal, you now have the opportunity to stand out from others if you choose.  It’s not just about looking out, but having the courage to look within you.  Below are some strategies for managing your brand and showing up as your “best” authentic self.

Invest Time to Self-Reflect

Imagine that you are planning a road trip through a new country. Naturally, you would assess the distance and determine the best routes to take. Your ability to map out the future may present you with some unchartered territory. Understanding how this may impact you personally and your relationships will give you greater control and stability.

  • Check in with your feelings. Take inventory of how you are responding to changes in how you do your job, how you deal with restrictions, and how you adjust to unexpected responsibilities and pressures.
  • Evaluate the behaviors you are demonstrating. Are they serving you now? Will they set you up for success in the future?
  • Consider opportunities for expanding relationships. What are you doing to compensate for physical distancing? What can you be doing to demonstrate compassion and empathy in both your personal and professional life?

Monitor Your Self-Talk

The line between failure and success can come down to something as simple as self-talk, which is your internal dialogue. It’s influenced by your subconscious mind and reveals your thoughts, beliefs, questions, and ideas.

We know that self-talk can be encouraging but it can also be distressing. In times of deep uncertainty like this, it’s critical to listen to your own voice from within. Positive self-talk can enhance your performance and general well-being.

  • Identify scenarios that lead to negative self-talk. This will help you to anticipate and be prepared to make a positive change.
  • Ask yourself these questions: Are you seeing the world just in black and white? What would happen if you could choose a perspective from middle ground?
  • Reframe negative comments. If you hear yourself saying something negative, change your vocabulary.  Choose words like ‘opportunities’ instead of ‘challenges; ‘energizing’ instead of ‘draining’, etc.


Celebrate Small Successes Daily  

In order to feel successful, you will need to redefine what success looks like.  Look at how you are managing to function right now.

  • What are your doing well?
  • What changes have you made to cope?
  • What’s one thing you did that took you out of your comfort?

These may be small feats, but it is a testimonial that you are a survivor.  Don’t compare yourself to others as it will only fill your thoughts with self-doubt. Reaffirm how remarkable you are, how you are doing your best, and that you are worthy of self-praise.

When you set your mind to be in a positive place, your optimism inspires others to feel the same way. To quote Nelson Mandela, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

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