March 31, 2020

The Roz Usheroff Podcast Is Here: Episodes 1 & 2 Virtual Executive Presence

Many of us are now discovering how to collaborate and communicate with our colleagues through virtual technologies like Zoom. Though they are not that difficult to operate, it is a different environment from the office meeting room or even the phone-based conference call.

As a leader or team member working from home, there’s a lot more to focus on. And as usual, impressions count, especially in these uncertain times, where meetings are more than just procedural. People are looking for leadership qualities in those they work with, and virtual meeting technology is now the place to demonstrate these.

In the first two episodes of my newly launched podcast, I talk in non-technical terms about how to make the best use of your video meeting setups, and also about how to best project a leadership presence. Additional episodes will be released every second week.

Click below to listen now:

How To Project An Impressive Executive Screen Presence

Projecting Leadership Presence And Confidence When Hosting A Web Meeting or Conference

Very soon, my podcast will also be available in iTunes, Stitcher, Google, Spotify, and others. So please give them a listen and tell me what you think. Topic ideas and interview guests are always welcome.

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