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On The Firing Line (Part 2): Why Pull the Trigger? by Roz Usheroff

No!… But, I have my own company for about 20 years now. And if anyone should be fired it should be me. Thanks to my team for keeping me on the straight and narrow. So, I guess the answer is choose loyal, faithful people, let them know you can goof up, and they will cover […]

On The Firing Line (Part 1): How to respond if you ever hear the words "you're fired" by Roz Usheroff

“I was promoted into an undesirable location (retail operation) because I didn’t suck up to leadership.  I was almost ousted from a job because my boss was threatened with my perseverance and dreams.” How many of you have felt this way at one point in your career? You know what I am talking about, the […]