The Future of You: Creating Your Enduring Brand

The Future Of You: Creating Your Enduring Brand

Have you ever considered what propels some people to thrive in their careers over others? Or look to understand why some entrepreneurs succeed while others struggle or fail?

The Future of You! has the answers that leads you to create an enduring brand that positions you to succeed.

According to Forbes Magazine developing your “personal brand” is no longer an option…

“Whether you’re on the job hunt, or gainfully employed, you must think, act, and plan like a business leader. With the surge of social media, you have not only the ability, but you have the need to manage your own reputation, both online and in real life.”

Product Description

The Future of You! will show you how to:

  • Make the move from relevant to essential
  • Showcase your unique abilities to “win friends and influence people”
  • Put your name at the top of your boss’s or clients list
  • Manage your brand before someone else does

Meet the Author . . . Roz Usheroff

Since the early ’90’s, Roz Usheroff has been one of the most sought-after Leadership, Image and Branding Specialists, working internationally with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers, sales team and entrepreneurs.
The Future of You! reflects the unique blend of her on the ground practical experience with executive suite expertise. It is what has enabled her to successfully transform organizational behavior while empowering both individuals and project teams to navigate the complexity and challenges in the new world of the global marketplace.

The Art of WOW® Conference

For Women Only: Seize the opportunity to network, share experiences and exchange best practices with successful females. Learn how to navigate your career with political savvy and success. This public program is held in Chicago and Palm Beach.

Learn to possess the style, grace and political savvy to take on tough issues in an executive meeting. Gain a leadership and communications style that is more focused. Elevate your visibility quotient. Make it happen at the Art of WOW Conference. 

The ART OF WOW® two-day conference is customized for talented female participants who aspire to step into positions of greater authority and influence in their organizations. Over the years, we’ve customized the two-day program to teach females how to identify opportunities for success and to enhance their power and status within their organization. 

Life is not a dress rehearsal so this course is structured to effectively address current challenges and constraints females face today. Deborah Tannen, in an article from HBR, found that females are more likely to downplay their certainty while men are more likely to minimize their doubts.

This conference will teach you proven strategies for transforming obstacles into opportunities and showcasing your confidence. Roz will be co-facilitating with Karen Friedman, an international communications expert who has worked with professionals on four continents, sharing her wisdom on how to become more compelling communicators.