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(Guest Leader Post) So you have 20,000 plus contacts on LinkedIn . . . now what?! (Part 1)

con·tact [kon-takt] noun – an acquaintance, colleague, or relative through whom a person can gain access to information, favors, influential people, and the like. Source: In the broadest sense of the word, having contacts suggests that one as a high degree of influence. However, and especially within the virtual realms of the social networking […]

(Guest Leader Post) Three Lessons Business People Can Learn from Politicians

Today’s Guest Leader Post contributor is Karen Friedman whose latest book Shut Up and Say Something: Business Communication Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Influence Listeners (Praeger 2010) is now available at As I exited Amtrak at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station and made my way to the escalator destined upward to the grand train lobby, the oddest […]

(Guest Leader Post) The Actual Value of Motivation and Engagement in the Workplace

Today’s Guest Leader Post contributor is Jim Bouchard ( In his seminal book Good To Great, author Jim Collins made the assertion that “if you have the right people on your bus, you don’t need to worry about motivating them. The right people are self-motivated.” So here is the question . . . if you […]

(Guest Leader Post) Million Dollar Manners Equal Good Business

Are good manners in both personal as well as our business lives merely a quaint idea that much like our work dress and the notion of working from an office as opposed to home, been relegated to a bygone era? Today’s guest author, Gloria Starr not only suggests that good manners is still incredibly relevant […]

(Guest Leader Post) Risky Business: Executive Briefing on Social Media Risk Management

Today’s Guest Leader Post contributor is Randall Craig ( Launched in conjunction with our new Remarkable Leaders Radio Seminar Series, which will air the last Thursday of every month across the Blog Talk Radio Network, these guest posts will feature some of the most innovative and widely known thought leaders from the world of business. […]