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Is it really better to look good than to be good?

“Attractive CEOs receive higher total compensation, better returns on their first days on the job and boost stock performance when they appear on television, according to research by two economists at the University of Wisconsin.” I have to admit that when I first read the CNBC article “Want better returns? Hire a good-looking CEO” by […]

The “Dress for Success” Myth or Why the “It Is Better To Look Good Than Feel Good” Approach Doesn’t Work!

After addressing graduating students this past week at Northwestern University in Chicago, I was approached by four young men wearing beards, asking me if they should opt for a “clean” look.  In other words, should they shave their beards? I explained that I rarely see executives in senior positions sporting facial hair.  However, if this […]

In the world of business, knowing how to push the dress code envelope can make all the difference between credibility and dismissive ridicule

It’s official. “Today” co-host Ann Curry is one of television’s most stylish women. So says a recent New York Times piece that evaluated Ann’s fashion-forward clothing choices. Bill and Steve Harrison’s Reporter Connection Ann Curry’s style,  is absolutely an eye opener and pleaser when it comes to appearing stylish and current. She’s stunning and talks […]