February 16, 2023

Being Real in the Age of ChatGPT, Avatars, and Alexa

AI-technology based ChatGPT has taken over my newsfeed in the last couple of weeks.

The newest Avatar: The Way of Water CGI movie has reached all-time global record revenue.

Over 300 million homes in the US employ Alexa as a personal assistant.

Why do I mention these three things together?  They are all proof that technology is not about to take over our lives – it already has.  Perhaps the newest advances have caused us to take a beat and realize just how much it has integrated into our day-to-day personal and work lives.

Change is the only path that leads towards advancement.  In the case of emerging technology, we can rely on it for ease of living, fantasy-based entertainment, and most importantly for life-extending medical breakthroughs.

But all of the technology that exists now or ever yet to be developed, cannot ever replace the human experience.  There is no substitution for your unique characteristics, traits, and abilities. Personalities are like fingerprints that leave their marks wherever they go – a symbol that you were present and undeniably you.

So, in a world of technology-enhanced reality, how does one stay authentically real?

A few tips:

  • Identify your passion. Be brutally honest with yourself. Do you believe in what you are doing, and do you have a passion for being the best at it? You need to follow your heart and invest time in doing what you love.
  • Set yourself apart. Determine what it is that makes you unique and different from someone else. This could relate to your style of clothing, your emotional intelligence, your expertise, your interpersonal skills, or your readiness to initiate change.
  • Build greater self-awareness of how others perceive your executive presence. Conduct market research and seek feedback from trusted advisors/confidantes/sponsors who will tell you the truth.
  • Choose those behaviors that support your “best” self and identify success pillars along the way.

Even though new technologies can replace tasks that were once done by humans, humans themselves are able to adapt, grow, and prove their worth to an organization in new and innovative ways.  Embrace what is new and changing.  Be excited for how we are witnessing the beginning of amazing discoveries.

I’d love to hear your observations (and if you went to see Avatar: The Way of Water)!


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