April 8, 2019

Are You The Type of Leader That Develops Leaders or Followers?

Whether you have two direct reports or 400, leadership comes with a big responsibility. Do you rate yourself as a good leader or a great leader? This short post will provide you with some clues.

Are you a leader who develops followers or are you a leader who develops leaders?

John Maxwell describes leaders who develop followers need to be needed. They are more focused on keeping their job.  They enjoy hearing people say things like “You don’t know how much we need you.  We can’t make it without you. We wouldn’t be where we are today.”

He describes leaders who develop leaders want to be succeeded. They want to equip and empower their people to do the leader’s job and take over one day so they can walk away from it.

You can see that there is a world of difference between these two types of leaders.

Are you that leader who has the courage and confidence to empower your people to take over your role? Do you have the confidence to believe in yourself to know you will find another opportunity?

Or are you more comfortable building dependents? Do you believe that making yourself indispensable is the best decision for your team and the company?


Leaders who develop followers focus on the weaknesses of people. Leaders who develop leaders focus on the strengths of people.                                                                                                                            – John Maxwell


What are you doing to move from being a good leader (who develops followers) to a great leader (who develops leaders)?

What investments are you making in your own personal leadership development (such as hiring an executive coach, attending high-level workshops, seeking out dynamic mentors) for your bigger future?

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