Monthly Archives: March 2017

Are You Prepared To Lose Your Job?

According to a news release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average 1.6 million  people lose their jobs each month through layoffs or termination. In the majority of cases, finding yourself in the unemployment line will not be the result of poor performance. A merger or acquisition, as well as a change in […]

New LinkedIn Update Raises The Question: Is Change Always A Good Thing?

Do you like change? The new LinkedIn appearance and comments relating to it have me thinking about this question. Many of the comments are opposed to the update. But does this mean that the change was wrong or unnecessary, or is the resistance based more on the fact that it’s something new? Let’s face it, […]

And The Winner Is . . . What Went Right With The Oscar Best Picture Gaffe

By now, we’ve all heard about what happened at the Oscars. There is no doubt that announcing the wrong winner for best picture was a major fail. However, I believe that in the resulting frenzy surrounding the “error,” we likely missed an important lesson. What I am talking about, is the class of the La […]