Monthly Archives: September 2016

How Colonel Sanders Can Help You Reenergize Your Brand

In my book The Future Of You: Creating Your Enduring Brand, I wrote that even though Colonel Sanders’  Kentucky Fried Chicken brand image had experienced several transformations over the years, its core specialty is and continues to be chicken.  Go ahead and ask someone what comes to mind when you say KFC.  Almost instantly they […]

DO YOU HAVE THE ‘IT’ FACTOR? – Best Strategies to Activate Your Executive Presence

“We have to move away from the belief that people are born with “IT”, and recognize that we all possess unique abilities and gifts to create our own brand of executive presence.”    Are you receiving feedback that you need executive presence? Are you being told what “IT” is, and how “IT” should look? If you […]

The Hazards of Cruise Control – Four Steps to Embracing Change

“Cruise Control is the enemy of success.  We resist change because we overestimate the value of what we have and underestimate the value of what can be gained through change.” When faced with change, there is often a feeling of disorientation. One minute you are cruising along in a certain direction on a path that […]