Monthly Archives: February 2015

Sometimes You Hear the Bullet: A New Take On The Brian Williams Affair

For anyone who remembers the show MASH, you will undoubtedly recall the episode about Hawkeye’s friend from home named Tommy. He was a soldier on the front lines writing a book titled “You Never Hear The Bullet”, discussing how, unlike in the movies, death on the battlefield can be sudden and without drama. In a […]

Four Steps For Overcoming Disappointment

During an interview a few days after a heartbreaking loss at this year’s Super Bowl, Seattle coach Pete Carroll admitted that he awoke in the middle of the night and just wept. It was a memorable moment in a week of memorable moments, for many reasons. Besides the admission by a coach from the rough […]

Is Imitation Really The Highest Form of Flattery?

Charles Caleb Colton coined the phrase that “imitation is the highest form of flattery.” But is it really? My mother, who I lost two years ago, would always tell my brothers and I that when values are clear, decisions are easy. She went on to add that you must be able to look yourself in […]