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How To Make 2015 Your Breakout Year

Removing The Obstacles That Are Holding You Back From Achieving Success At the end of January, my new “How To Make 2015 Your Breakout Year” 20 page Guide will be published and available for purchase. The following is an excerpt from The Guide. While I have written many books, articles and blog posts, as well […]

Motivating Force? How Bosses Unintentionally Alienate Their Employees

You have no doubt read countless articles and books on how to motivate others, be it your employees, team or for that matter your school aged son or daughter to do their homework. Conversely, and while perhaps not as plentiful as the “how to” motivate texts, there are also plenty of articles on what “not […]

The Chameleon Effect: Maintaining Authenticity While Adapting

I see being a chameleon as someone who cares enough to adapt to others communication style, to read the temperature of a meeting, for example and change to be able to resolve issues, make people feel comfortable and so on. It doesn’t necessarily mean changing who you are but being socially and/or politically savvy to […]