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11 Power Branding Truths

The following is an excerpt from a recent interview I gave on Personal Branding and The Future of You! What are the specific steps to take, to create one’s “personal brand?” Before I offer my opinion on ‘personal branding’, it’s important to know that branding is a vehicle for showcasing that which makes you distinctive, […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Personal Branding

In an interview that I did for an article regarding my 11 Power Branding Truths I talked about the essential elements that go into building a memorable brand. Of course when I talked about being memorable, I was using the term in a positive sense. Unfortunately, and when combined with the exacerbating reach of the internet, some have […]

If you can’t be brilliant, at least be (authentically) memorable

What is the key to becoming memorable?   Be yourself! In fact being yourself is the key to everything that you are and hope to be in both your career and in your life.  It is the foundation of you and all you stand for. Unfortunately, personal branding is often viewed as an exercise in […]