Monthly Archives: April 2014

Career Curveballs: Why going against your gut instincts is never a good idea by Roz Usheroff

I have enjoyed immensely the new series called Career Curveballs by some of the LinkedIn’s top influencers. So much so that I thought that I would share a personal story that had a major impact on my life for many reasons – including the fact that it happened later rather than earlier in my career. […]

How to overcome making a bad first impression by Roz Usheroff

I can remember a couple of years ago reading a Forbes article on 5 Ways To Make A Killer First Impression, which had more than 541,000 views. Needless to say, the subject matter is one that is universally recognized as being important.  In other words, and looking beyond the number of reads of this particular […]

Have you overstayed you welcome with your present company or, when is it time to move on by Roz Usheroff

I found a recent article by Jack and Suzy Welch most interesting as it posed a question (or questions) that I would imagine many are afraid to ask.  Okay, maybe not afraid of the question so much as the possible answer itself. In Four Reasons to Quit Your Job, the Welch’s indicated that you should […]

Are you managing yourself to success? by Roz Usheroff

“These executives were true pioneers. Surely some CIOs today are CEO material, Boushy says, but they may not be positioning themselves well. He had his sights set on being CEO early on in his career. “Things didn’t just happen to me. I managed them to happen to me,” he says.” I recently came across a September […]